Apr 29 2009

Office 2007 Service Pack 2 released

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Office 2007 Service Pack 2 was released yesterday. It’s a big download — 290MB if you grab the whole thing — but worth it. For most folks, the biggest reason to get it is that a number of Office applications load and run noticeably faster. SP2 also rolls up a great many security and bug fixes and incorporates support for Open Document Format (ODF). ODF is an important, non-Microsoft document standard and the default format used by third-party packages such as Open Office. This is no more than a convenience for most small operations, but is a big deal for organizations with  significant cross-platform or international exposure.

How to get it…

So far, the SP2 update seems to be pretty well behaved. It reset my default news reader setting, but that was a minor irritation, easily corrected. If I encounter any significant issues, I’ll post them here.

Oh, one more thing: If you are running Windows XP, you must have Service Pack 3 installed before you can install Office 2007 SP2. For Vista, Service Pack 1 is required.

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